Resource Rental System

This System provides the way to rent any resource of your choice.  User defined customizable fields.  This fields can be  modified according to the type of resource that has to be given for rent.  All the  rental system features are customizable. User friendly system easier to use and modify for all the rental needs.

Key Features

  • User defined customizable fields
  • Product Inventory
  • Account management from admin side
  • News letters management
  • Transaction history for users
  • Profile management
  • Email Template Creation
  • Promo code system
  • Recommendation system
  • Better organized
  • Receipts & Invoicing
  • Common / User Level Messages
  • Notices
  • Export/Import data into Microsoft Excel, CSV, Text, XML, MsSQL and MySQL script files
  • User friendly
  • Saves time and costs.
  • Remove the possibility of human error.
  • Auto Backup

Optional Features

  • Customization
  • Data Management Services
  • Yearly Maintenance Contract

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