Web Mining / Data Mining

There is plenty of data scattered around the world wide web in the form of text embedded into html code or available in the form of documents like xml, pdf, word. Our web mining solution will help you gather required information from around the world wide web. We have automated scripts which will run to extract information from web. We also have database support which will enable you to store the extracted information in the database. Automation reduces the need for manual labour and cut costs in the long process. Data can be scraped for specified place / category, User Defined Alerts, Cron Settings.

It can be used as a Email Scraper, Telephone Number Scraper, Mobile Number Scraper, PDF Scraper, Domain Owner / Expiry Details Scraper, Other terms that denote the same are Web Mining, Data Harvestor, Web Harvestor, Web Scrapper etc. Can be modified based on users needs.

Key Features

  • Scalable robust techniques for modelling data
  • Natural Groupings of Data
  • New techniques to handle textual features
  • Validation done by creating prototype web mining and personalization systems
  • Extracted efficiently with full information
  • Advance search technologies
  • Program Stability
  • Extract large volumes of Data
  • Browser based ( can run on any operating system)
  • Export/Import data into Microsoft Excel, CSV, Text, XML, MsSQL and MySQL script files
  • User friendly
  • Saves time and costs.
  • Remove the possibility of human error.
  • Auto Backup

Optional Features

  • Customization
  • Data Collection Services
  • Yearly Maintenance Contract

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