Tournament Management System

 The Tournament Management System (TMS) reduces the time spent on administrative tasks by simplifying all phases of tournament management. At the same time, TMS adds professional touches to a tournament that no one can do without.

 An absolute and unique focus on the needs of both tournament directors and referees has kept TMS at the forefront of tournament management software for over a decade.

Easy to Use

Entering player information and match results into the system is simple, straightforward, and fast. TMS wizards allow directors to perform tasks quickly. At the touch of a button you can schedule matches, show the match tree and access draws. Enter the man of the match, chief guests, score, time of score and the type of the goal etc.

Incredible Functionality

TMS uses a single player database for all tournaments to reduce data entry time and simplify check-in procedures for players. Handles all draw types from complex tournaments with consolation draws to recreational tournaments with change-partner round robins. Generates draws and schedules matches according to the latest rules and regulations. first match times, check-in lists and press releases.

The Internet

TMS also enables directors to make tournament information publicly available to users, players, teams, newspapers, and sports enthusiasts 24 hours a day. TMS can automatically publish drawsheets so that anyone can track match results from anywhere using a home computer

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