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Need to boost your products reach and contact potential customers. To quickly identify and reach your potential customers you can take advantage of email extraction software.

Email Scrapper is the best tool to find contact e-mails of your target customers on the Web. It is fast and flexible website crawler and email address harvester which runs targeted email searches to provide you with a client database within a short period of time. Email Scrapper will be your valuable helper in the sphere of email marketing.

Email Scrapper can collect emails from sites you specify or it can scan the whole Web to extract emails from sites that match your custom search criteria. Advanced search options make Advance Email Scrapper extremely useful. You can adjust a variety of parameters to optimize your search and get better results. The crawler can check for specified keywords and phrases or filter out sites with the words you don't need. You can also set it to select sites by language and domain. Additionally, it's possible to define limits of search depth.

Email Scrapper allows you to search and extract emails at high speed. You can be sure that search covers most of the Web itself, as Email Scrapper can access most of the pages, directories and search engines in the Internet.
Billions of pages filled with email ids on the web
Support for the robots exclusion protocol/standard (Robots.txt file and Robots META tags).
Collect a large number of email ids in minutes.
This fast and powerful program delivers several handy features while providing a comfortable and intuitive interface. With Email Scrapper any duplicated or invalid syntax URLs and emails are automatically removed. Another helpful feature is that you can save harvested emails and URLs in an output text file. Also for your convenience, Email Scrapper will store its search history so that you can view the tree of visited links at any time.

Key Features

  • Search emails on specified sites or on the whole Web.
  • Flexible search options to get precisely what you are looking for.
  • Great speed and flexibility.
  • Browser based ( can run on any operating system)
  • Export/Import data into Microsoft Excel, CSV, Text, XML, MsSQL and MySQL script files
  • Very simple to use and learn.
  • Saves time and costs.
  • Remove the possibility of human error.
  • Auto Backup

Optional Features

  • Customization
  • Data Collection Services
  • Yearly Maintenance Contract

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