Human Resource Outsourcing

Zims India provides a range of transactional and administrative human resource outsourcing services that facilitate HR staff and managers to access, update and use HR information more efficiently. We help you to streamline many of your critical HR functions and processes, including payroll and taxation, compensation management, recruitment and staffing, training and development, workforce administration, service center support and HR management systems. You can enjoy these services individually, collectively or in any customized form that meets your requirements.

In the current economy, cost effective human resource management is strategically important than ever for the operational performance of any organization.Human resource managers in professional organizations are frequently required to lead change, inspire innovation, and manage increasingly complex businesses in a global market by creating a comprehensive human resource strategy and aligning it with the organization's business goal.

Zims India's human resource outsourcing services can help the leaders in professional organizations build better and more profitable organizations by leveraging our human resource outsourcing expertise and industry specific knowledge. Zims India's human resource outsourcing service allows clients to outsource a high degree of human resource administration in order to align internal resources to maximize performance and increase profits.

Our human resource outsourcing services include
  • Human Resource Administration
  • Recruitment
  • Compensation
  • Payroll and Tax Administration
  • Performance Management
  • Information Management
  • Training & Development
  • Workforce Planning
  • HRIS services with report writing
  • HR Strategy Development
High performance HRO solutions
  • Reduced HR operational cost
  • Reduced HR transaction cycle time
  • Reduced hiring cost
  • Reduced training cost
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased retention of key employee
  • Improved employee's performance
  • Improved and centralized reporting
Main Recruitment Process Elements
  • Candidate registration by web form or emailed CV
  • Job entry by web form or manual entry by recruiter
  • Link candidates to position, either by their own application or recruiter referral
  • Search database for matching candidates
  • Filter search result to obtain shortlist
  • Confirm candidate still interested - email/SMS
  • Perform interview - record outcome in form and attach to candidate
  • Send candidate details to hiring person email or Word mail merge
  • Perform reference and background checks - send candidate record to third party
  • Arrange client interviews - calendar app
  • Record appointment and unsuccessful candidate feedback
Recruitment System High Level Requirements

The front office system manages the websites attached to the database, their layout, and their content, and communicates candidate and job data to the database. The purpose of the back office system is to manage the database, manage workflow, and manage communications.

1) Database
    Candidates - contains details of all applicants - standard fields plus user defined fields
    Clients - contains details of all applicants - standard fields plus user defined fields
    Positions - contains details of all applicants - standard fields plus user defined fields

2) Data Capture
    Provide the ability to automatically capture data from Word Documents, in bulk, or with user intervention input documents are CVs and have a reasonably standard format and headings.

3) Activity Tracking
    Capture events related to candidates, clients, and positions (manual input)
    Calendar function

4) Response Manager
    Standard layouts for frequently used emails, form questions - intended to eliminate repetitive data entry
         1. Bulk mailing - select candidates and template - will need to be handled through a mail server
         2. Bulk SMS - select candidates and template - will need to be handled through a mail server
    Optional link to Outlook linking contacts and activities

5) Search facilities
    Search the applicant data to see who has the searched word/expression anywhere in their record
    Match keywords from position records with candidate records
    Search all data for cross-references to the same keyword/name

6) Administration
    User access

Key Features

System Admin
  • User security - who is allowed access - add user, disable user, edit user, passwords
  • Candidate security - data must be confidential Database access control - which users can see which candidates
  • User function control - what functions different users can use
Template editing - both system and user initiated responses
  • Email templates
  • Form templates
  • Task templates
Recruiter Management
  • Record recruiter details
  • Record recruiter actions
  • Manage financial account with recruiter - track comm/fees
Client Management
  • Record client details - recruiter (manual or webform)
  • Import outlook contacts/address book entries
  • Edit client details
  • Client journal
Job Creation and Management
  • Create job - unique URL for each job to allow publication outside linked sites
  • Copy job - reuse previously created job
  • Edit job
  • Publish job - send to selected websites
  • Close job
  • Job library - store all created jobs
  • Skills library - maintain
  • Manage job criteria
  • Manage job questions
  • Journal job actions
Candidate Management
  • Capture CV from files, email or web form
  • Data parsing to extract key and recognised data from CV file
  • Maintain full history of all candidate actions and recruiter actions on that candidate
  • Various candidate status flags such as applied, interviewed, checked, hired, block
  • Add candidate comments
  • Move candidate to another workflow step, and journal all candidate moves
  • Multiple candidate selection
  • Bulk email or SMS
  • Add candidate classifications
  • Send candidate details
Application and Response
  • Record job application from email, web, or SMS
  • Knowledge and record application
  • Choose from email/SMS templates
  • Find messages to/from candidates and clients
  • Automation of messages when candidate workflow step changes
  • Recruiter initiated messages to candidates or groups of candidates
Searching and Matching
  • User initiated search query - keywords, tags, synonyms Automated job match query - based on job criteria
  • Flag to indicate match or no match to specific job
Interviewing and Checking
  • Schedule interviews in calendar
  • Record interview responses and comments
  • Send candidate data to 3rd party verifiers
  • Recruiter or client chooses from short list
Workflow / Tracking
  • Job stages - requisition, approved, advertise, close, shortlist, interview, verify, client interview, contract
  • Create custom job stages
  • Candidates could be in multiple job workflows
  • Create tasks and assign to users, candidates, and track completion
Contract Admin
  • Timesheets
  • Assignments

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