Application Modernization Services

The challenge with legacy systems is that the application has evolved over a period of time and code has been enhanced many times. This results in spaghetti code with each business process represented as a collection of programs and data files with no clear boundaries and business rules embedded all over the application with high potential for replication of functionality elsewhere in the application.Your enterprise must comply to dynamic business demands. Our application modernization services will help modernize legacy systems to enhance flexibility, minimize disruption and lower costs. This allows you to make a smooth transition to Web-based systems and solutions

The first step to any modernization approach is to reverse engineer the existing application and derive metadata detailing listing all the various components, screens, database entities, business rules, business process etc. The modernization initiatives that Zims India promotes range from basic application optimization and consolidation to broader frameworks that support increased standardization, business process alignment, and composite application development.

Our Modernization service offerings include:
  • Phased, Minimal Business Disruption, Modernization Services
  • Enabling a Service Oriented Enterprise- Web services, SOA
  • Web enabling
  • Web based workflow
  • Enterprise Application Integration, Environment upgrades
Through modernization service we offer to our customer the benefits of:
  • Extended Application Lifecycle
  • Enhanced Integration with other Applications
  • Enhanced Usability
  • Higher Productivity Applications
  • Reduced Technology Risk

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